Optonline Smtp Settings Steps

Get The Optonline SMTP Settings With An Example

Optimum Online commonly known as Optonline offers High-Speed Internet Services along with Digital Cable and Phone Services. Entire products and services are provided under the shed of Altice, It’s an American Company deal with the Cable Television Services.Optonline offers Email services and to prevent any technical issue, retained the Optonline Email Technical Support. The prime role of the support team is to provide the complete elucidation of any issues and allow the users to enjoy the entire elements of the Webmail.If you want to access the Email from the Webmail client using Optonline, then you need to configure the Email Server Setting and for the same follow the procedure mentioned below.

Optonline SMTP Setting- Example as Outlook.

  • If you are accessing an Outlook, then Open it.

  • Click on the File, located at the top of the Menu bar.

  • Thereafter, click on the Account Setting and further click on the New.

  • Under the same, select the New Account and thereafter select the Server type, recommended selecting IMAP.

  • Under the IMAP, enter the details in the box such as username and password.

  • Under the section of Incoming Server Settingmail.optimum.net.

  • Under the Outgoing Mail Server, enter mail.optimum.net.

  • Thereafter enter your username and password again and then click on the More, located at the bottom of the page.

  • Click on the Outgoing Server and select My SMTP requires Authentication.

  • Go to the Advanced tab and in the Incoming Server, enter the Port number as 993 and for the Outgoing Server, enter the Port Number as 465.

  • Make sure to enable the SSL security.

  • Once you have performed the above steps, your email servers setting is successfully configured.

For any additional information, you may contact the Optonline Email Technical Support. The techies have good hands on experience in solving multiple issues. They will provide the perfect solution and that also in a time-frame.


How to reset Optonline password?

The process to reset Optonline password is very simple and it requires some simple steps to be followed which will help them to resolve their issues. Optonline email helps users in maintaining their work by providing a good facility to compose email, synchronise email with other, access email with other device and many more feature which helps the users to maintain their work.

For the situation of password forget, users need to go through the given steps:

  • Go to the signin page
  • Enter your email address
  • Select the option of forget password
  • From the option of to recover password choose any one
  • Select alternate email method to get a link on the registered email address
  • Select the phone number method to get a code on the registered phone number
  • Answer the security questions assigned while creating the account

After successfully completing these steps, users will be able to recover the forgot password and continue their work with the optonline. Optonline password reset method is very easy and it focuses to provide quick solution to the users in case of their password forget. Users can also get the assistance from the experts if they find any difficulty in doing so.

How to Contact Optonline Email Technical Support Phone Number

Optonline emailing service is the emailing service which you will get access to only when you create an account on this web mailing service.This account also has the same features as other webmailing service like you can send a message in the form of email through this service and you can even get a feature of searching through the mails to find one particular mail without wasting time in searching, you can easily do it with the help of the keywords.

You also get access to the feature of the address book where you can save the important contacts of your account.So this webmailing service come with alluring feature, you just need to know them properly to use the service in an efficient manner.

Image result for optonline email technical support

You can even add this webmailing service to your iphone or ipod for doing so you can either contact the optonline email technical support or you can even follow the steps written below for doing so:-

  • First go to the option of settings then tap on the options like mail, contacts or calenders
  • Then go for the option of add account, then proceed to the option of other
  • Then to the add mail account, after that you will be proceeded to the new screen page where you need to fill certain important fields like name,then Address and password, description etc
  • Then you need to select the save button and then the pop option
  • Then you have to enter the info regarding the incoming mail server
  • The info would involve host name, user name and password field
  • Then you have to enter the information regarding the outgoing mail server
  • The same info like the host name, the user name and the password field then
  • You need to confirm the authentication to set password
  • Now in order to complete the process you need to select the save option.

Now in a condition where you can not find the solution to the problem you face during the process you can contact optonline email technical support.