How to fix Samsung Printer driver issues?

Get An Illustrative Way To Fix Samsung Printer Driver Issues

Samsung Printer is an advanced Printer and enriched with the latest Technology. The Printer is compatible, easy to access, user-friendly and the features are excellent. Samsung has updated its Printer frequently so that it should match with the current need of the customers.
Sometimes users encounter the Printer issue and it possibly happens due to the drivers, might be the driver is outdated or it’s missing. The major issues due to the driver arises are listed below.

Printer Issue due to the Drivers

  • The printer can’t connect to the Network.

  • Printer queue.

  • Printer Service errors and much more.

Identify the driver

  • These are the few samples of the issue, to detect the issue in your Printer, due to the drivers, then identify the missing or corrupt drivers, to do the same, open the Device Manager.

  • Two Ways To Open the Device Manager, either you can directly type the Device Manager in the Search bar of the Start Menu or you can Open the Command Prompt in administrative mode and type devmgmt.msc in the box.

  • Device Manager will show the list of the drivers, if any driver is corrupt or outdated, it will be symbolized with the red mark.

  • Once you have detected the driver issue, then it’s time for the solution.

Printer Driver Solution

  • Visit the Samsung Official Website.

  • Go to the Support section and further move on to the download section, if unable to access, then here is the link

  • Enter the Printer Model Number and then click Continue.

  • Thereafter, you will find the series of drivers for the respective Printers. Click on the driver section and download the same.

Hence, your Printer driver is successfully updated. Now enjoy the features of the Samsung Printer. If an any stream you stuck, then feel free to contact Samsung Printer Technical Support. The support team offers the best and effective solution and the plus point is the Techies work around the clock, so you can get the support anytime.


Optonline Smtp Settings Steps

Get The Optonline SMTP Settings With An Example

Optimum Online commonly known as Optonline offers High-Speed Internet Services along with Digital Cable and Phone Services. Entire products and services are provided under the shed of Altice, It’s an American Company deal with the Cable Television Services.Optonline offers Email services and to prevent any technical issue, retained the Optonline Email Technical Support. The prime role of the support team is to provide the complete elucidation of any issues and allow the users to enjoy the entire elements of the Webmail.If you want to access the Email from the Webmail client using Optonline, then you need to configure the Email Server Setting and for the same follow the procedure mentioned below.

Optonline SMTP Setting- Example as Outlook.

  • If you are accessing an Outlook, then Open it.

  • Click on the File, located at the top of the Menu bar.

  • Thereafter, click on the Account Setting and further click on the New.

  • Under the same, select the New Account and thereafter select the Server type, recommended selecting IMAP.

  • Under the IMAP, enter the details in the box such as username and password.

  • Under the section of Incoming Server

  • Under the Outgoing Mail Server, enter

  • Thereafter enter your username and password again and then click on the More, located at the bottom of the page.

  • Click on the Outgoing Server and select My SMTP requires Authentication.

  • Go to the Advanced tab and in the Incoming Server, enter the Port number as 993 and for the Outgoing Server, enter the Port Number as 465.

  • Make sure to enable the SSL security.

  • Once you have performed the above steps, your email servers setting is successfully configured.

For any additional information, you may contact the Optonline Email Technical Support. The techies have good hands on experience in solving multiple issues. They will provide the perfect solution and that also in a time-frame.

How to create Windstream account?

Know the process to create Windstream account

Windstream is a voice provider which manage services, data storage and provide data network communication to the business in U.S. it is the largest service provider which offer the  IP based voice, data storage virtual firewalls, phone and Tv services, data network communication, residentials broadband to consumers,cloud based services and many more. To access these services users need to create a new account. If you want to register for Windstream online then you need to get PIN number that is printed on your bill. To register Windstream online you need to go through below mentioned steps:

  • Go to the Windstream’s Website or click on “View or pay my bill” from “My Account”.

  • At the login screen click on “Register for access”.

  • Enter your PIN, Billing zip code and Account number as they appear on your bill then click on “validate”.

  • Enter your login information and and user information and when all required fields are completed click on “submit”.

  • Click on continue after read and accept the privacy policy.

  • You will receive a confirmation mail once your registration is complete. If you are already have an account on Windstream then you can not create new account with same information.

If you are getting any difficulty during this process then you need to contact to Windstream Technical Support  for proper assistance and guidance. They are always ready to provide a unique solution according to your requirement. 100% customer satisfaction is their prime concern. You can ask them for any kind of technical issues such as account configuration, reset account password, windstream settings on your device and many more. They will provide you a quick and optimal solution to resolve your issue.

Why Eset antivirus is not install?

ESet antivirus saves your device from all kinds of virus that can damage your PC quite badly as it can steal your data and attack your privacy and software on your PC. But when you are installing Eset antivirus you may see that it is not installing.

You may see some error messages like below:

1.Error communicating with kernel.

2.ESET Smart Security/ESET NOD32 Antivirus installation ended prematurely.

3.Error 2878.

4.Error 1603.

5.Installation has been interrupted.

6.Uninstallation of the previous version failed. Please uninstall it manually and run the installer again. 

7.This product version is not intended for server operating systems.

8.This product version is not compatible with the installed version. It is therefore not possible to run the reinstallation. Please uninstall current product version and restart the installation.

9.This installation package is intended for 32-bit operating systems. Please use an installation package for 64-bit operating systems.

These are some possible reasons indicated by error messages why Eset antivirus is not installing on your PC.

Eset antivirus technical support

Yes, Eset antivirus saves your device from virus but it may still give you some technical glitch where you need technical help. In such cases you can get Eset antivirus technical support 1-844-307-3488 easily to solve your technical glitch with Eset antivirus.

How to Emial a Document to your-Self Using Fastmail?

Know relevant steps to Email a Document to yourself by Using Fastmail !

Fastmail  is an adroit email service provider.It is used for sending and receiving mail over the Internet.Fast mail is easy to use.It is not expensive.Fast mail runs on multiple domains and uniform rate. Because of its good reputation, it has became independent company.It provides more security  to user as it is used as a paid version.It is used in business application.Fast mail is easy to setup .

If you want to send document  by using Fast mail then you can easily send to yourself. For this you need to follow these steps:

  • First you have to open Fastmail websites with your id and password.
  • Now you have to the send mail option or compose mail .
  • Then you need to select the document which you want to share,for this you can use alter access.
  • After that you need to select which users you want to send mail document.
  • Here you have to add your email id because you want to send this email document to yourself.
  • If your documents has been completely attached ,you need to click on send button.
  • Now go to the inbox,here you will see your document.
  • If it is not in inbox folder then you need to check other folders.

Now you can easily send an email document to anyone by using above steps but still if you are getting any issue then you may contact to fastmail technical support.You will get reliable solution through Fastmail experts.They believe  in providing best solution to their users.They are available round the clock 1-844-307-3488.

What is Gmail technical support phone number

So, you are a Gmail user and still do not know about some basic features this mail provides to its users ?? Well, most of the users just use this emailing platform only for sending their email messages to their professional and personal contacts and that’s it !! They do not know nothing much about a few features they can use for their benefit. So, what’s the fuss ? let’s know about these features !!

Basic Features of Gmail

Filters- As they sound, filters are used for managing your email in the best possible way. These are the best things to sort out your inbox in your own way.

Keyboard Shortcuts- Everybody should be aware of Gmail keyboard shortcuts as they let the users to perform their frequently used jobs in a hassle-free manner.

Priority Inbox Feature- As a Gmail user, you receive lots of messages in your email on a daily basis. But the noteworthy point here is that all these emails are not important for you. So, what can be done in this regard? Well, you can set an important label to a message so that you can priorties it according to your will. Moreover you can also place a star on a message to give a priority to this particular message.

How to Create Gmail Account?

Having explained about the few features of this emailing program wouldn’t it be right to know about the steps used for creating a Gmail account. Well, these steps are apposite for the layman and they go as follows:-

  • Visit
  • Now click on create an account
  • Type your first as well as last name under the head “name”
  • Now type your username in the field Choose your Username
  • Next you need to enter a password in the field create a password & confirm your password
  • Now type your birth date under the head Birthday
  • Select your gender
  • Next you need to fill in your mobile number
  • Now you are required to type your current email address
  • Next you need to type the displayed captcha code
  • Choose your country under the field Location
  • Now go through Google’s terms
  • Ensure to check I agree to Google Terms of Service and Privacy Policy
  • Now click on Next step
  • Again click the option Next Step
  • Finally click on continue to Gmail.

Done with Gmail account creation process, if you have any query then ask it from Gmail support team!

How to Recover Gmail Account?

Recovering your Gmail account is undoubtedly your first priority if you have accidentally deleted your account. In such scenarios, a user urgently need to recover his account as his essential information is stored right there in his Gmail account.

Whatever be the reason, here are the simple steps to recover your account:

  • Visit Google Password Assistance webpage
  • Click on the option “I’m having other problems signing in”
  • Enter your email address
  • Now you need to enter your last password
  • Click on the option Continue
  • Now click on the option named “Submit a recovery request”
  • Next click Continue
  • Now you will be informed on the next page about your deleted account and also there is a link for the account recovery
  • Now you need to click on this link
  • Next complete your verification process
  • After that you need to check your email to see if any link from Google has been received by you
  • Now, after locating it in your email, click on the attachement
  • Now after clicking that link you can easily create a new password for your account

and that’s it ! You are done with recovering your deleted Gmail account and use it like eariler.

Issues One May Encounter in Gmail

Gmail issues are just endless and everytime they crop in an email account, the user’s work is affected in a great manner.Classification of Gmail related troubles can be described below:-

  • Log in issues
  • Password assciated troubles
  • Missing email errors
  • Spam mail complaints
  • Email configuration glitches
  • Other basic Gmail issues

The unprecedented Gmail issues can disturb the peace of mind of Gmail users as the consequences of an issue is quite traumatic. Suppose your account is hacked-which is indeed a big problem for you- then you will end up being distressed over your information secured in your account and might want to rectify your glitches at once. So what should be done in order to fix these woes. Well, no worries at all !!

Why to contact Gmail technical support technicians?

You can contact our Gmail technical support staff that is involved in employing the perfect methodologies to address your issues effectively. Our team of adroit engineers have the latest technical know how which will be highly beneficial for taking the correct measures to fix any problem. These Gmail technical support representatives have access to several modes which can be utilized for the quicker solutions of a wide variety of issues pertaining to a Gmail account. Hence if you find yourself under the clutches of any Gmail associated technical hurdle, then it would be highly feasible to avail our speedy online Gmail customer service by calling our helpline number.

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How to fix Fastmail Account Log-in Issue?

Fastmail is provides a high quality of reliable services and instant support for which millions of users has inclined towards it. In fact Fastmail is that it is very fast and responsive. So it is quite easy to use for personal as well as for business work. In spite of user friendly interface of Fastmail, many times user faces concern like How to fix Fastmail Account Log-in Issue. So if you are also getting any error while log-in your Fastmail then you are at the right step because our expert Fastmail Technical support 1-844-307-3488 team is available to offer you best services to troubleshoot your issues instantly.
However to fix this kind of sudden issue with your Fastmail account check the following aspects:

Step1: Change your password in case you have forgotten your password
Step2: Check whether your account is active or not
Step3: Ensure that there is good network or connectivity
Step4: Can be issue in your member account
Step5: Check your account is not locked or hacked
Step6: In worst case your ensure your guest legacy is activated or not.

Hence do not be muddled up into any confusion regarding your email issues and call Fastmail Technical support team to eliminate them instantly. We have team of expert and professional technician who are available 24 hour a day / 7 hour a day to offer you best and desirable service at your pocket friendly price.