Why Eset antivirus is not install?

ESet antivirus saves your device from all kinds of virus that can damage your PC quite badly as it can steal your data and attack your privacy and software on your PC. But when you are installing Eset antivirus you may see that it is not installing.

You may see some error messages like below:

1.Error communicating with kernel.

2.ESET Smart Security/ESET NOD32 Antivirus installation ended prematurely.

3.Error 2878.

4.Error 1603.

5.Installation has been interrupted.

6.Uninstallation of the previous version failed. Please uninstall it manually and run the installer again. 

7.This product version is not intended for server operating systems.

8.This product version is not compatible with the installed version. It is therefore not possible to run the reinstallation. Please uninstall current product version and restart the installation.

9.This installation package is intended for 32-bit operating systems. Please use an installation package for 64-bit operating systems.

These are some possible reasons indicated by error messages why Eset antivirus is not installing on your PC.

Eset antivirus technical support

Yes, Eset antivirus saves your device from virus but it may still give you some technical glitch where you need technical help. In such cases you can get Eset antivirus technical support 1-844-307-3488 easily to solve your technical glitch with Eset antivirus.


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