How to delete Juno email account?

Here are the steps on how to delete Juno email account pointed below:

Steps1: First of all, Make sure that remote access is enabled for the Juno email account.

Steps2: Go to the Juno email account website and then enter the email ID and password.

Steps3: Click the sign in button and go to the settings gear icon showing on the right of the page.

Steps4: Click the confirm your identity tab with the password and then click the terminating or delete this account option.

Steps5: On the delete account screen click the email address and its profile name arrow to select the account want to delete.

Steps5: Click the continue button and then click the ok button for deleting the account permanent.

After deleting the Juno email account if the same user is required to get it on his iPhone device then he can setup it again on his iPhone device with the same process as usual generally does on the Apple device. If not then call Juno Email technical support.

+1(888)676-4496 How to Increase Internet Speed with Cincinnati Bell?

Internet is a worldwide system of computer network.With the use of Internet you can connect so many computer globally.Internet is not synonym to world wide web.World wide web is used for accessing the information with the use of Internet as a medium. You can use Cincinnati bell Internet service for getting best Internet connection as it provides high speed Internet up to 10 Gbps. Now a days every one is using Internet ,it Plays a important role in every one’s life.If Internet speed is slow and Internet connection is weak then it can be create problem while you are searching on It is important to increase Internet speed.

For increasing Internet speed you need to follow these steps:

  • You need to check Ethernet connection on your computer
  • If there are many application running on your computer then you should limit the amount of application which are running through Internet connection.
  • There are so many free software available ,with the use of that software you can test your Internet Speed.
  • You need to check your Internet service provider services,if you always receive low speed then you should change your service network.
  • You should have to check all providers in your Area if you are not aware for a long time best Internet connection speed.
  • You should check megabits and megabytes of Internet connection speed.

If you are getting any trouble with Cincinnati bell Internet service and you are still unable to increase your Internet speed the you can contact to Cincinnati Bell Technical Support .They will provide you an optimal solution or will change your Internet settings.


+1(888)676-4496 How to Create Windstream Account?

Windstream is basically provides voice and data network communications.People are using it and even loving it.There will be hardly any problem comes while using it.It works with uniform speed and is according to the preference of users.Account holders have found it user friendly but for certain occasions,user needs immediate help.To get help,individuals are required to connect with support team immediately.To contact support team,users are required to dial help number.


Tech support team has resolved many issues.Here,users may see the resolution for one:   


  • First users are required to go for
  • It is now required to tap the option for “Register for access” that is at the left of the login screen
  • Also,there is need to enter the account number,pin and zip code
  • Users may now click the option for “Validate”
  • However,users need to enter user information and Sign in information
  • Individual may ask with some security questions that may help individual when they forget their password
  • Tap “Submit”,when the required field will get complete
  • To complete the registration process,users are required to accept the privacy policy
  • Choose the button for “Continue”
  • After the registration will get complete,users will receive the confirmation message
  • Confirmation mail will be sent to the email address with which users are registered with

It is now required to look that whether the problem get solve or not

 There are people who still not satisfied through the solution of the above issue,they are required to connect with support team immediately.To contact Windstream technical support team,users are required to dial help number.After dialling it,users will be in direct contact of the tech experts.Tech experts will first try to understand users issue and then suggest with useful solution.After getting required help,users will be charged with certain amount of fee.It will be too low to pay through anybody.

 There are even some other ways for availing help.These are the guides and tutorials that are available online.It is completely free and individual will not be charged with any kind of fee.

How to Change Black Ink to Color on a Dell Printer & Clean a Printer?

Welcome to the flashing world of Dell Printer and learn beneficial steps to change black ink to color:

A multinational company Dell Inc. has been able to made a history in the business of manufacturing huge range of computer devices and its peripherals. There are variety of products like personal computers, computer software, printers and network switches etc. The most demanded product is Dell Printer and there are several troubleshooting demanded by the particular product. Most of the time people who use dell printer gets confined with many troubles at the moment. Person who have great technical knowledge about printers can resolve your problem because printer installation and setups include many technical terms. Our support service provide Dell printer technical support for every case of complexities in printer. There are many enthusiasts are working into our company who are ably prepared to serve several solution as per the demand. Most of the new users who started using dell printer suffers more at every steps and they require solution steps at every moment.

Procedure to change black ink to color on Dell Printer and clean a printer to be followed:

  • Find a sink nearby and place some old newspapers along with tissue papers.
  • Ensure that your printer is plugged in and the computer has installed printer drivers.
  • Open the printer and remove the black ink cartridge.
  • Users are guided to put cartridge to the sink and put it down on th old newspaper or paper towel.
  • Close the drain of sink so that hot water coming from tap could be collected.
  • You have to place the cartridge in the sink so that part where the ink comes out is in the water.
  • Check, if ink coming out immediately then cartridge is not clogged.
  • Dry the cartridge so it is no more than damp, put back in the printer provide it a test run.
  • People are advised to attach the hose to the print cartridge nozzle, closing the gap with blue or white tack or Plasticine.
  • Rewind the process till the nozzle get cleared and clear the access ink with tissue paper and refit cartridge.

Why people choose to have our service only?:

We have full settled infrastructure where user can get relaxed by sitting at there place only with the help of remotely access program. There are several personnel work who have many years of experience in supporting the case of several printer. Dell Printer is very successful company and there are millions of users are using this product. Due to heavy number of users of this product we are getting many trouble cases and providing better solution.

How to report phishing in Cincinnati bell?

Cincinnati bell is one of the most popular emails services providers which is very popular for its optimum mailing features. Cincinati bell is completely an error-free service but occasionally users face troubles while they receiving spam or phishing. Phishing is an activity of obtaining various important details through an email. Do you want to report these phishing and don’t have any idea about that? Then go through the below instructions:

  • First of all, open your web browser and then go to official login page of Cincinnati bell.
  • Log in to your email account and compose a mail.
  • Type the subject of email and then forward the phishing email to

Are you facing any technical problem while applying the above given steps? Then don’t be depressed and contact Cincinnati bell technical support team to avail the best in class assistance from adept experts. These experts are very skilled and capable to fix multiple technical issues. With the help of these experts, you can report phishing smoothly. You can obtain this support via a voice call, online chat and email support. So don’t wait and contact with these experts immediately which is available at 24/7 hours.

How to Set up and Use Earthlink Email With the iPhone?

iPhone is one of the wonderful devices which is well known for its latest innovation features. It is very easy to access an email account in an iPhone but most of the users have don’t any idea about the email setup. In this article, you will not only learn the setup procedure of an email account, even you will also learn about its uses.

Quick steps to setup email with iPhone

  • First of all, open the Settings of your iPhone.
  • Tap on Mail, Contacts, Calendars.
  • Click on the Add Account.
  • Select Earthlink email service from the list of email services.
  • Enter your Earthlink email address and password into the required field.
  • After that, click on the Save to complete the procedure.

Use email with the iPhone

  • Checking mail:- Open your Mail app which is located at the bottom of the Home screen. Click on the Inbox and review your emails.
  • Add an email sender to the contact list:- For this, click on the message and then click on the specific name or email address. After that, click on Create New Contact option to make a contact profile for the user.
  • Compose and send email:- Click on the Compose icon which is available at bottom right corner. After that, New Message screen will appear and then choose To option. Now enter an email address or name into the To field and then click on the Send option.

Are you still facing any technical difficulties while follow the above instructions? Then contact Earthlink email technical support team and avail the best in class assistance from the professionals. This support can be obtained at 24/7 hours from anywhere and anyplace.